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The Villa


The bungalow consists of 2 master bedrooms with each a double bed and private bathroom. 

We also have an upstairs open space with an extra double bed. This means the house has a maximum capacity of 6 people.

We have 2,5 bathrooms with 2 extra outside showers.

The showers have hot water (2 min waiting) and taking a shower here is one of our favorite experiences. Surrounded by animals and nature with the most amazing view is just breathtaking.

The kitchen

The kitchen at the house is fully equipped. There are pots and pans, colander, silverware, knives, dishes, cups and glasses. 

We also have a fridge with freezer compartment, a blender and 2 types of coffee makers: 

  1. a small italian moka pot

  2. a typical costa rican chorreador with 'sock' filter (


Technical info

​Don't leave fruit and eggs ​out when you leave the house because the white-face monkeys will steal all they find. 

Please also don't put food scraps in the garbage. Throw all food scraps out the window off the porch in any direction. The animals will recycle for you.

Please try not to get food down the kitchen sink drain. There is a little drain cover that catches debris. Try to keep it in place.


​The house is powered by a small solar system, completely off grid. Thats why we ask our clients to not use high powered electrical stuff, like hair dryers. Also, please turn off unnecessary lights, especially if you leave. 

If you light candles at night, please keep in mind that the whole house is made of wood.

There's a fire extinguisher by the fridge, a first aid kit and small insect/snake bite kit in a yellow box in the storage room by the kitchen. Just in case you might need it.


Surfboards can be rented at Encanta La Vida lodge. Just 10min away from the house. They also have a cool bar to get a drink and they even provide food. They do have a fixed menu so let them know in the morning if you wanna go for dinner at night.


There is no store in Matapalo so bring what you need from Puerto Jimenez. Keep in mind that a taxi will be about $40 each way. 

The beach

The house is located 50m from the beach.

You can see the ocean from everywhere inside the bungalow.

There are different types of beaches (rock, white sand and black sand). There is something for all tastes!

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