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“Along the coast of the Osa Peninsula, azure waves crash down on sand and rock, sending up saltwater mist over the vast, sprawling jungle. Palm trees lean out from the interior of the dark forest toward the intense sunlight on the beach. A visitor to this isolated coast might walk for hours – or an entire day – without meeting a single person…” – From “Osa, Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea,” by Trond Larsen.

Welcome to Casa Del Cabo

Drive to the end of the road – the very tip of the Southernmost point in the Osa Peninsula – and you’ll reach a dead end. This is Casa Del Cabo. Welcome! You won’t find any frills, fancy amenities or flourishes here. Perched on a hillside, surrounded by rainforest, Casa Del Cabo takes you back to your roots. This is a simple house, built with local materials, designed to harness the natural energy of its location at the junction where land meets sea. 

As one of the last places in the world where virgin rainforest grows to the high tide line, the Osa Peninsula is a hauntingly unique environment. We couldn’t be luckier to have a place where we can experience this unique eco-system at its finest – unspoiled, untouched and off the grid. Casa Del Cabo is a place of pure energy, where you can unwind and watch the scarlet macaws glide by as you reconnect with nature and listen to the waves crash into the rocks.   

Such a magical place needs to be shared – As the owners of Casa Del Cabo, we would like to personally invite you to come experience the mystique of the Osa Peninsula from a house unlike any other. Tread lightly on the earth, leave the rainforest better than you found it and celebrate this unique natural environment. Follow these guidelines, read this website and join us – if you do, you’ll be in for the experience of a lifetime… 


Carefully crafted to exist in harmony with nature, Casa Del Cabo is focused on the outside world with a fully open living space amplifying the nature ocean breeze and eliminating the need for air-conditioners or fans.

With a delicate solar system powering limited electricity and heating the water, Casa Del Cabo is a place where conserving resources is given the highest value. To preserve the environment we ask our guests to please follow these guidelines:

Throw your organic food/compost over the balcony (as far as you can).

- Do not put any extra food particles or dirt/excess buildup down the kitchen sink drain.

- Turn off all lights when leaving the house.

- Avoid plugging in too many appliances at once – we are on a delicate solar system. The house can not handle laptops, iPods or other electronics all at once. NO HAIR DRYERS PLEASE! 

- Please re-use towels and linens wherever possible. If you hang a towel up, it means you will use it again, if you put it on the floor, it will be replaced. 

- Throw toilet paper in the waste bin instead of inside the toilet.


Casa del Cabo is located on a pristine piece of land just steps from the beach where the tropical rainforest meets the sea. Built into a hillside, you can watch the spider monkeys swing by at eye level as you take in the pristine ocean view where the waters of the Golfo Dulce meet the Pacific. 

The house sits at the very southernmost point of the Osa Peninsula in the Cabo Matapalo region – it is literally the last structure at the end of Matapalo’s dirt road where civilization ends and primary rainforest begins. 

Located just under 30 kilometers from the larger port town of Puerto Jimenez, Matapalo is a destination known for its rich biodiversity, lavish rainforest and unspoiled beaches. The area also features 3 world-renowned surf breaks: Pan Dulce, Backwash and Matapalo. Pan Dulce, a long right point break, is perfect for beginners. Backwash is a step up and Matapalo (under a 5 minute walk from the house) offers the most powerful and consistent waves. 

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